In 2017, ECW began working with four local municipalities to complete the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Partners for Climate Change Protection Program (PCP). 

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Partners for Climate Protection

The PCP program consists of a five milestone approach that begins by developing a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventory for both the municipality, and the homes and businesses therein. under the PCP program by developing the Town’s GHG emissions inventory, a forecast of GHG emissions, emissions reduction targets, and to initiate the development of a Local Action Plan for both the corporation and the community. The corporate GHG inventory was developed by gathering various datasets for buildings, streetlights, vehicle fleet, water and sewage, and solid waste. The community GHG inventory was developed by gathering various datasets for the municipalities' residential, commercial, industrial, transportation and waste sectors.

Greenhouse gas reduction plans for southwestern NB municipalities (2018)

GHG Quantification Training

With support from the Canada-NB Job Grant, ECW staff received training from the Canadian Standards Association on ISO 14064: Quantifying Greenhouse Gases. The training was conducted over multiple days in September, 2015 and resulted in ECW staff members being certified as Greenhouse Gas Inventory Quantifiers (GHG-IQ). 

The training was utilized to design and deliver an ISO compliant GHG mitigation service. This service remains available to any organization that would like to better understand and ultimately reduce their energy usage. 

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