Collecting data in the Saint John Harbour

Collecting data in the Saint John Harbour



In 2013 ECW partnered with the Gulf of Maine Council on the Environment's Ecosystem Indicator Partnership to collect water samples from southwestern New Brunswick estuaries and analyzed for eutrophication indicators including nitrogren, phosphorous, and chlorophyll a. In 2015, that work was expanded to the entire Bay of Fundy, including the Chignecto Basin, the Minas Basin, and, in partnership with the Clean Annapolis River Project, the Annapolis Basin. Each summer, water samples were collected from 20 monitoring sites in each estuary and sent to the lab for analysis. Results informed a followup project in 2018 that investigated identified hotspots with further testing in the watersheds that feed those hotpots. These results will prioritize sites for remediation. A remediation demonstration site was established in the Annapolis watershed by CARP.


The Bay of Fundy estuary project has received support from Environment and Climate Change Canada.