West Fundy Watersheds


Since its inception in 1993, ECW has collected data on the health of freshwater ecosystems in the West Fundy Composite of watersheds. Stretching from Lepreau to the Digdeguash, in Eastern Charlotte County, New Brunswick, this composite of watersheds feeds Passamaquoddy Bay and the Fundy Isles from the edge of the Saint John watershed to the southwest. Most recently, ECW has completed a reassessment of the rivers' health, using the 20 year anniversary of the organization's first major monitoring initiative to launch a replica. In addition, monitoring on major lakes including Utopia, Chamcook, and Digdeguash have revealed the makeup of cyanobacteria communities and empowered landowners to organize and assess their own needs and remedies. The West Fundy Composite remains the heart of the organization and a key piece of the environmental management puzzle in the Outer Bay of Fundy.


The West Fundy Freshwater program has received support from Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government, the New Brunswick Department of Energy and Resource Development, and the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation.


Assessing the freshwater of Eastern Charlotte County (2016)

Monitoring vulnerable southwest New Brunswick lakes (2013)

An integrated watershed management plan for the Magagauadavic (2014)

Eastern Charlotte Waterways