Musquash MPA


From 2018-2022, ECW is conducting a biodiverity assessment of nekton (fish & swimming invertebrates) in the Musquash Estuary Marine Protected Area. Utilizing, fyke nets and beach seines, ECW staff monitor 9 locations in the marine protected area, one to the west in Chance Harbour, and one to the east in the Irving Nature Park. Further east, ACAP Saint John continues the work in and around the Saint John Harbour. Monitoring sites are visited once per month from May-November, during which a fyke net is installed for 24 hours. Captured animals are documented and released. This four year assessment project will create a baseline measurement that will be used to document changes to biodiversity.


The Musquash biodiversity project has received support from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.


The first year of results will be released in January, 2020.